Welcome to the enchanted world of Castens

This is where fairytales come true – created from precious metals and gems, and adorned with sparkles of exclusive diamonds. The jewellery which You find at Castens is an art nouveau inspired mixture of Ali Baba’s cave and Tatianas forest.

We know that our customers prefer to wear jewellery which no one else has, and cherish unique meaningful designs. By working closely together during both the artistic design process and material selection, we strive to merge Your vision and our craftsmanship into a new jewellery masterpiece. From tiaras to wedding rings, from everyday heirlooms to jewellery that celebrates the most important parts of Your life, Castens makes Your dream come true.


Holbergsgade 19A 1057 København K, Denmark

Tel: +45 32 20 04 44





An international luxury universe celebrating your past, present & future