Mark Trustrup

“Beautiful, honest and personal. That’s the perfect picture. At least if you ask me, when I capture memories with my camera and tell stories about emotions, expectations and big experiences. My pictures need to tell who my clients are and what they dream about. Therefore my job is always about their wishes and style – never about my own personal style.” Mark Trustrup is an international recognized weeding photographer and Nikon ambassador. He has photographed more than 150 weddings both in Denmark and abroad. The clients are everything from young students to senior executives in multinational companies. They all have a common wish that their weeding shall be remembered in a special way, that only top photographers can do. They wish for quality, honesty and personality in their pictures. 2010 – Mark was accepted as the first Dane in ISPWP (The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) an organization that recognizes the best wedding photographers in the world. 2014 – Mark became the new ambassador for Nikon Denmark.

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