Annette von Einem

Flowers. It is a source of daily joy to work on floral designs for customers, who believe that flowers are not just flowers.
I strive to perform to the very pinnacle of my ability – whether I am producing a single bouquet, a decoration, a wedding or complete decorative solution for a large event. As the personal floral designer who will give you much more than you expect – Annette von Einem is the perfect choice.
Expert and specilist in Weddings and Event Styling. Find inspiration in our Flowers Gallery – unique bridal bouquets, bouquet, table decorations, floral decorations, etc by floral designer Annette von Einem.

Annette von Einem

Flower Design Studio

Bentzonsvej 42

2000 Frederiksberg - København

Tel: +45 22 44 81 81



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